Tue 19 May 2020 16:09

Dear OPM Family, 

I hope everyone is still keeping well at these strange times and taking the opportunity to do what they can whilst still adhering to the Government guidance.


Please find the latest information from the RFU link: http://links.emails.rfumail.com/servlet/MailView?ms=OTQwMTMxMAS2&r=MjY5ODA2ODE1MDQ4S0&j=MTUxMTgxMzkzNgS2&mt=1&rt=0

Feel free to subscribe to this weekly provider as it is useful in keeping up to date with the national rugby agenda.


The OPM magazine has also now been published electronically and is now being circulated so please find the annual edition here with Senior and Junior rugby mentioned on pages 120 onwards and some great pictures:



OPM RFC continue to work behind the scenes and have now confirmed our future planning permission with Plymouth City Council for the current pitchside storage containers & floodlighting whilst continuing discussions with other projects for the future. 


We are also proud to support the local community and have recently donated all of the food that we could not use for the rest of the season to the charity Arterne and Operation Snow which is a project that provides food, essential items and mental health support throughout the year. You can find the full report on FB under their page: Arterne: Enriching the next generation CIC


Please don't forget that the OPM Family can and will provide support wherever possible so please make use of everything available or contact me with any ideas on what the club can do to support everyone further.

We hope you stay safe in the coming months and we will see you all when this has concluded.

Take Care

The OPM Committee

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