So hear it goes my ready like match write up. So I'll start with a massive well done to everyone today, it was a hard game that in all respects we had no right to win. They had a lot more players than we did and their whole back line were first team.

Also need to say a massive thank you to Howard Turner for making some delicious food and running the bar, and also have to say a big thanks to rob for doing a great job reffing today. There are also a couple of players I need to mention, a big thanks to Sam Matts, Dan Bristow Ben Hooper, Billy Garratt AND Mylo Connell, all the guys who came to watch and at last minute helped us out by putting a shirt on for us.

Okay now that's all done let's talk about the very muddy and very hard game we just smashed. It was hard fought and showed how much of a threat we are to any team we come up against. Everyone gave an outstanding performance today with everyone giving 100% so I'm not going to go into individuals, as I feel everyone gave everything they had.

However with that being said, I would like to say well done to Mylo for putting in a massive shift and getting his first points on the spreadsheet this year, and a shout out to Josh Stevenson for a very impressive performance and getting man of the match.

Last thing I'll say is I am suggesting we dont need john Readey anymore as he just holds us back!!!

I'm very proud of everyone who stepped on that pitch today and I'm proud be a OPM see you all next week.

Dan Adams

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