OPM first team travelled to Exeter Athletic for their last league game of the season.  A game played in some difficult conditions, provided an amazing and clinical result,  finishing the season as Champions of Counties 3 Tribute Devon East.  Massive congratulations to all involved!

The season has been a strong one, and the boys have fulfilled their ambition, to attain promotion.  Their drive, determination and increased work ethic has paid off.  But the hard work is only just beginning!  They are looking forward to the season ahead, competing at a higher level will have its challenges, but the boys look forward to meeting them head on.

Billy has shown great leadership captaining the team, with Fred as vice-captain, and Andrew as club coach, ably assisted by Tim and Anthony, has shown how a team can be given the tools to provide league winning performances. The club looks forward to supporting them on the journey ahead! Well done OPM’s!!

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